About Us

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey” – Victor Hugo

Our passion (and tastebuds) for high quality, pure Australian honey led to us to create the Pure Origins brand.

We are an Australian family owned and operated business with a notable history in the agricultural industry.

Founded and manufactured in Australia, we aim to provide people all over the globe with only the finest liquid gold. From the US, Middle East, Japan, South East Asia and China, a little piece of Australia is present through Pure Origins Honey around the world.
We are certified HACCP, organic and an export approved facility. Each batch of our premium Manuka Honey is batch tested for its authenticity at approved laboratories and verified for its MGO rating.
Pure Origins is proudly partnered with a number of ethical Australian bee-keepers who help us produce the best possible product for you and the family to enjoy.
We are spoilt with vast areas of untouched heritage listed land around Australia, which creates the perfect environment to produce pure, natural, organic honey.

Pure Origins Process

“If everything is honey, and I am what I eat, I must be made of honey... and life is very sweet!”

Pure Origins honey is cold extracted and packed at temperatures that can be lower than the actual beehive itself. Although it takes longer to pour, the honey retains all of its crucial enzymes, anti-bacterial properties and nutritional value.

Some other brands heat their honey at excessively high temperatures (pasteurized) to enable faster pouring, easy filtering and more efficient production to save time and money. Making honey this way produces a smoother texture and can be more appealing on the shelf, however it can compromise on quality and nutritional value. Pure Origins process ensures that all of the nutritional properties within the honey is retained, this is especially important when handling Manuka Honey.

Many commercial brands will blend and mix honey from various locations around Australia, and even imported honey from around the world. Pure Origins pride ourselves on sourcing from single origins – from within Australia, the product we receive from our beekeeper is what’s bottled and delivered to you. From hive to home.

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